Monday, January 19, 2009

Janet Christiansen, The Osprey

Janet Christiansen is an accomplished cyclist, runner, and tri-athlete. She began competing in 1987 and has since been a serious contender in cycling, running and triathlon events at the local and national level. Her focus for the past four years has been on long distance cycling known as ultra-cycling. She regularly logs over 15,000 miles per year on her bike training in all weather conditions and a wide variety of terrain.

She became known as “The Osprey” in 2003 at her inaugural ultra cycling event- the feared and revered Furnace Creek 508 which traverses 508 miles through the deserts of Southern California. The Furnace Creek 508 is billed as the toughest 48 hours in sport. After pondering over maps of the desert with wonder about place names such as Furnace Creek, Stove Pipe Wells, Badwater, Death Valley, and Dante's Inferno, all destinations of the 508 race- she took on the beast. She took second place in her division after learning some tough lessons about taking care of yourself in ultra cycling events and beat the beast into submission the following year placing first in her division and third overall.

While that terrible Sunday in Hell from her first 508 (mis)adventure is something she wishes to never repeat ever again, it has helped her learn much about ultra cycling, training and nutrition.

Seeking even tougher challenges Janet set her sights on the ultimate in ultra cycling, Race Across America (RAAM). Billed as the toughest race in the world, RAAM is a non-stop race from California to Maryland. RAAM takes racers through the heat of the desert, climbs over the Rockies, traverses the windy plains, and winds its way through the hills of Virginia. Janet did not take on RAAM on a whim and has taken steps to learn the course and test herself in some of the harshest racing conditions by entering RAAM as part of a two woman team. Not only did they win for their division, they broke the course record.

Ultra Distances (> 24 hours)

San Diego Randonneur Brevet Series 2004-2007

California Gold Rush Randonee (1200km) 2005

Furnace Creek 508 -1st Womens, 3rd Overall in 2004

Furnace Creek 508 -2nd Womens, 15th Overall in 2003

Hoodoo 500 – Voyager category (no crew support) – 2007 1st place/1st to ever attempt this

RAAM –two woman relay team 2007 – 1st place - set course record

RAAM – solo 2008. DNF’d medical reasons (250 miles short of finishing-bummer)

Double Centuries

Santa Rosa Terrible Two- 2nd Womens 12’53” (4th woman in event history to break 13 hrs) 2003

California Triple Crown winner 2004 (Heartbreak, Santa Rosa Terrible Two, Central Coast, Knoxville double centuries)

Triathlons and Marathons

Santa Rosa Vineman Ironman - 1st Womens 2002, 1998, 1997
Hawaii Ironman - 3rd Women’s 35-39 age group 1996

San Diego Marathon - 2nd Womens 1995, 1996

Nice Triathlon 1994 - 15th Womens Pro division

US Cycling Federation events

Women’s National Road Race - 10th 1988

Ore Ida Women’s Challenge - 25th 1991


John said...

Janet - all of us at Express Logic are rooting for you to have a great RAAM. We'll be cheering from here while you do the hard work. We know you can do it - see you in a few weeks!

Whitney said...

Watching your progress. You are amazing! The whole family is glued to their computers! I am angling to get to Annapolis to see you finish.

David said...

Hey Janet
What a treat to find your awesome palmares after all these years!! Congrats on all your success. I'll look for you on the 2010 RAAM in Pagosa Springs, Co. My wife and I have been living there the last couple of years.
All the best
Dave Thibault
Owner: Bike Station
Lakewood, Co